DACTracks Visual Tour
Being able to measure your recruitment program with pinpoint accuracy is critical to the success of your study.

DACTracks™, we make this possible.

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Personalized Dashboard

With DACTracks™, you'll enjoy 24-hour access to the metrics that matter to your study's success. Each study's dashboard will be customized with the study logo and set up to provide only the most relevant metrics. 

View global and site-specific metrics from your dashboard or in greater detail as seen in
 the following screens.


Monitor your enrollment levels for each site. Which sites are meeting their goals and which ones are falling short?

​Watch retention levels fluctuate and monitor reasons for discontinuation. At this rate, will you meet your target? 

The Attrition screen calculates the total number of discontinued subjects.

Impact Graph

See the impact of specific recruitment initiatives on important study components such as projected randomized, actual screened and actual randomized patients.

Subject Referrals & Website Activity

Picture your savings when throughout the study you can adjust your spending toward activities that are recruiting vs. those that are not. DACTracks™ gives you that power. 

​Keep an eye on your website traffic to monitor the amount of unique visitors, total page views, and their sources of origin. Depending on your recruitment strategy, these sources should be relatively balanced. If one of these sources is performing considerably lower than the others, we'll help you determine why.


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